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Discriminating Architectural Photography

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Discriminating Architectural Photography

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Discriminating Architectural Photography

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Discriminating Architectural Photography

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Discriminating Architectural Photography

Discriminating Architectural Photography

Why BluWater Photography?

BluWater is for the discriminating client who has the highest standards in Architectural and Commercial Photography. With our proprietary techniques, and a unique perspective on composition and lighting, we deliver stunning, jump-off-the-page imagery. 

Below are some other reasons as to why you should consider BluWater Photography:

No Flash Photography

Most photographers use flash photography to help get inside and outside exposures to match up. But what happens is you get very “flat” images, and unexpected shadows. It also takes much longer to set up and break down, which means a lot more time in a person’s home.

BluWater uses a proprietary technique to utilize just the ambient light available which translates to an incredible depth of range in lighting, colors, and no weird shadows! Your windows will look like they should, as if you were seeing them through your own eyes. This also allows us to be in and out of a home within 45 minutes with just our camera and tripod.

Image Optimization

All final images are white balanced, verticals pencil straight and lighting consistent and bright from room to room. You will always have blue skies on the exterior shots.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

BluWater only uses professional series top-of-the-line cameras, tripods, and lenses. There is a difference between a $150 lens, and our pro lenses which start at $1,000. We offer only the very best for our clients.

Professional Photography Experience

With a degree in Marketing and owning a Design, Photography & Marketing company for 20+ years, Ed is not just a photographer. When you hire Ed for a photo shoot, not only is he thinking about amazing photos, but also how to parlay those shots into ads, websites and social media applications.