When I am at your property, I focus on feeling its energy and flow. I will walk around and look at the architecture, get a feel for what kind of energy and passion went into building it, why it is situated where it is, and factor all of this into the landscape. I then utilize the ambient light and my lenses to sculpt and convey its beauty and uniqueness.

Just like people, every property has an amazing story to tell. I take it upon myself to discover it and convey it into my photography for YOU.


Real Estate Photography

ALL photos are properly exposed for both the interior and the exterior. So what does this mean? When you look through the windows you won’t see a bright white light where the outside should
be…but rather it will look like you’re actually looking out the window!

BluWater Photography provides this service with a normal 45-60 minute shoot time, with 24-hour turnaround time for most shoots. We also guarantee bright blue skies with all outside shots! We then put together a beautiful slideshow video with music background for every shoot.

Aerial Photography

High resolution beautiful aerial photos showing several different views of your property. A MUST for waterfront homes, or homes with close proximity to water! BluWater Photography offers this service with 24-hour turnaround time.

Virtual Staging

Most people struggle with creating a vision for what a room could look like, and have trouble imagining living in an empty space.

Virtual staging puts the viewer in the kitchen cooking their favorite meal, or sitting on the couch watching their favorite movie!

Floor Plans

More than ever, floor plans are becoming critically important to give the view an extra “feel” for the home…how they will set it up, and how they will live in it. Especially great for unique layouts!